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G-Rex – Technologies

G-Rex – Technologies

Although invisible, they define G-REX quality. For the functioning of every insert, coating and cuff,  modern technologies are responsible, they guarantee the extraordinary comfort and durability of the glove. All G-REX work gloves technologies are rigorously tested so that your palms  are safe in all environments.


NITREAL 100% pure nitrile, without the addition of fillers such as silicone, provides high durability and protection when working  with sharp or abrasive objects. In contrast to natural raw materials (e.g. natural rubber), it does not delaminate and is not degraded.

PU-REFORMANCE The spongy, lightweight polyurethane  coating structure provides high traction and grip precision.

F-NITREAL Lightly foamed nitrile does not crumble  and has exceptional abrasion resistance, which extends the life of the glove.  In addition, it is characterized by its high elasticity and adhesion which provides high wearing comfort.

V-PROLAST PVC foam exhibits remarkable abrasion resistance, is vapor permeable and provides a secure grip in dry, aqueous and oily  environments.

ABRESIST Lightly foamed nitrile does not crumble  and has exceptional abrasion resistance, which extends the life of the glove.  In addition, it is characterized by its high  elasticity and adhesion which provides  high wearing comfort.

AQUATECHDRY-DEFENSE Waterproof coating with water repelling  properties is excellent in damp and oily environments.

AQUATECHDRY Exceptional formula displaces water  molecules, which provides anti-slip and firm grip in a wet environment.

ANTI-ALLERGIC Formula is free of allergenic components.

DMF-FREE Composition is free from DMF.

SILIC-FREE Without the addition of silicone.

BPA-FREE Does not contain harmful BPA.



COTTONFRESH The use of natural ingredient such as cotton provides very good ventilation and breathability of the insert, and a special  coating guarantees long-term protection  against the growth of fungi and bacteria  inside the glove

ANTISLASCH-LIGHT Lightweight, thin but extremely durable  anti-cutting insert containing a unique combination of 4 fibers, to which it owes its high resistance.

LIGHTOUGH Extremely thin insert with dense weave guarantees highdurability of the glove.

ANTISLASH Combination of professional anti-cutting protection with high wearing comfort.

ANTISLASH-RELAX Pleasant to the touch cut-resistant insert ensures comfort and protection thanks to fiberglass content and the woven inward nylon.

PALMATCH The insert has a thin, elastic weave so that the glove perfectly fits to the shape of the palm and retains its shape for a long time.

SAFEEL Seamless, chemical-free formula is perfectly safe and hand-friendly.

DENSECURE Dense stitches guarantee much higher durability and safety compared to standard thinner weaves.

BLENDURANCE The unique combination of 4 coatings: glass fiber, nylon, elastane and HPPE fibers guarantees exceptional wearing comfort and resistance to abrasion, cutting and temperature.

ELASTAY Elastane provides exceptional elasticity and softness of the material, making the insert comfortable to the touch and perfectly fitted to the hand.

THERMRESIST Glass fiber exhibits high thermal resistance – does not bend, does not crack under the influence of temperature.



FIT-WRIST Knitted elastic ribbed wrist made  of FIT-WRIST technology is pleasant to the touch and perfectly adapts  to the shape of the wrist, ensuring  full comfort at work.

CMFRT-WRIST is a unique pressure-free self-fitting ribbed wrist that perfectly fits into the shape of the wrist, leaves no traces or irritations, and provides long-lasting  wearing comfort.

GRIP-SUPPORT technology provides additional support at work. The wide, spacious cuff allows you to slip the sleeve inside the glove for even more protection from injury.



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