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RS Arbeitsschutz – technologies and materials

RS Arbeitsschutz – technologies and materials

RS We vouch for their reliability


From the very beginning, the creators set themselves the goal of providing the demanding German industry with reliable, durable and trustworthy products.  In this way, a range of gloves made with care was selected, bearing in mind also the stability and unchangeable quality of the offered products. 25 years ago RS gloves, as a synonym of class products, reached the French, Russian and Polish markets. Today, in the 21st century, we have not changed our basic assumptions. Gloves are still to be reliable. While others lower the quality of products, we focus on unchanging first class our gloves, reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

The long tradition of the RS brand and relying on proven solutions does not exclude the use of the latest technologies.

Bearing in mind the development and improvement of products, we use solutions that give the gloves even greater reliability.

Technologies and materials used in the production of our gloves:

  1. Sanitized Actifresh – Swiss standard Sanitized Actifresh® is a technology that has been used all over the world for many years and offers the confidence of antibacterial protection. It helps keep your hands fresh and dry during long, all-day work. The main task is protection against the multiplication of bacteria, fungi, mould, mites, and thus counteract undesirable odours by antibacterial treatment of various materials.
  2. Thinsulate – Patented technology related to the warming of various types of products intended for the cold environment. It has found its application in the production of Work gloves, both those designed for outdoor work in conditions of reduced temperature, as well as in cold rooms. Thinsulate material has gained popularity due to a number of properties beyond the thermal insulation itself – waterproofness, which is extremely important when working in a cold environment, washability, as well as air permeability, which causes the material and hand to breathe in the glove.
  3. Kevlar – Kevlar fibre was marketed in military and aviation equipment. Today, thanks to this technology becoming more common, we can appreciate its presence in personal protection means. Gloves made with Kevlar fibre are characterised by fire retardancy and exceptional durability, which is extremely important, e.g. in the case of welding gloves.
  4. Over-tech – RS gloves equipped with the Over-Tech system have a high nitrile injection rate, which means that their strength significantly exceeds the standard resistance of nitrile gloves. This is related to the method of applying layers of nitrile and its higher concentration. Thanks to this technology, work in an oily and wet environment does not cause any problems.
  5. R – HyTrix – Abrasion is a key parameter for nitrile gloves. The R-HyTrix technology guarantees a high class of resistance to friction, which translates into an increase in the safety of a user working in a difficult environment. The quality of nitrile used in gloves with R-HyTrix technology is evident through the long service life of the glove without losing its properties.
  6. Latex free – Gloves with this symbol are safe for people suffering from allergies to materials containing latex. Nitrile gloves are marked like that – nitrile is a synthetic latex, not causing allergic reactions in people who do not tolerate latex.
  7. Waterproof – Comfort in an environment where a glove may start to leak due to low temperature or moisture, cannot be underestimated. Waterproof technology protects glove users against such situations, providing water resistance.
  8. Heat Stop Impregnation – What is the most valuable for people working in a hot environment, exposed to long-lasting high temperatures and the danger of falling sparks? Definitely fire resistance. The technology of impregnation of RS brand welding gloves meets this need. Heat Stop Impregnation is a solution that ensures job security in one of the harshest environments. Made for welders.
  9. Ins tech – Insulation system that gives comfort in a low temperature environment. Gloves equipped with this technology perfectly insulate and reduce the negative impact of cold factors on the hands and comfort of the user.
  10. R-Th Formula – In response to chemical hazards related to the environment of corrosive substances, the RS brand has equipped its chemical line gloves with R-Th Formula technology. The applied coating protects employees’ hands against penetration and permeation of substances dangerous to health through the glove.
  11. Carbon fibre – Carbon fibre is a chemically similar structure to graphite – light and extremely durable. It has found its application in a number of industries that require high resistance, including in aviation and in the space industry. The use of carbon fibre in personal protective equipment, including RS protective gloves, means the certainty of products that users get, their durability and reliability.
  12. Cotton comfort – Cotton is one of the most popular materials of everyday clothing, successfully fulfilling its role in protective gloves. Cotton insert used in many models of RS gloves gives comfort and allows the skin to breathe, making your hand sweat less during work.
  13. Premium Gloves – Premium Gloves are our distinguished products, tested by users and successfully operating on the market for many years. They were constructed with the elaboration of the smallest details, materials that ensure reliability and comfort of use.
  14. WaterPU – Technology of coating a glove with polyurethane in an ecological way, without the use of silicones. Thanks to the appropriate structure of the palm part covering, the glove provides a secure grip and precision of work even in difficult conditions.
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