Amendment of the EN 420 standard

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Amendment of the EN 420 standard

In March 2020, the EN 420 standard was modified and transformed into the EN ISO 21420 standard. The revised standard redefined the general requirements for glove construction and cut, safety, comfort and effectiveness of use, as well as marking and information provided by the manufacturer applicable to all protective gloves. What has changed? SCOPE OF […]

Differences in quality and prices of leather gloves

Differences in the quality and prices of leather gloves arise at the stage of decisions made during manufacturing. Where do they come from? There are many factors: quality of chemicals used To soften the leather, many chemicals are added in the tanning process, mainly chromium acids and sulphates. High-quality chemicals are expensive, but the use […]

Why are leather gloves still popular?

Why, despite the availability of high-tech materials, are leather gloves still very popular on the market? Here are the reasons. Universality – leather gloves can work in different environments. Flexibility and durability – leather products are really strong and durable. Vapour-permeability and moisture absorption – when working in a leather glove, you hand does not […]

Chemical standard EN 374

Chemical standard EN 374 The EN 374 standard applies to gloves intended for use in environments with the highest risk to hands, i.e. where the III category gloves are required. It covers the protection against chemical and biological agents. We set resistance and hand protection scales in three key areas: LEAKING It is the passage […]

ESD gloves – in what environments are required and what are their features?

In 2014, the EN 16350 standard for protective gloves replaced the current EN 1149 standard on static electricity for the whole protective clothing. In what environments are gloves that meet this standard required and what are the characteristics of the ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) gloves? Why should they be used? That’s what we will learn from […]

Ways of coating gloves. How can we coat inserts to protect a particular part of the hand?

How can we coat inserts to protect a particular part of the hand? During the production of coated gloves, gloves are immersed in a vat with the substance up to the level, to which we want to obtain coating. However, first, the liner must be degreased and coated with substances that allow the liner to […]

What substances are covered with protective gloves?

In addition to the appropriate insert, almost every knitted glove is coated with a layer of substance that gives it protective properties. With what and how can you cover the gloves? What are the advantages of these materials? How to choose a coating? You will learn this from the film. The most popular substances used […]

Sanitized Actifresh

What does the use of this technology in protective gloves give? What are the benefits for the user? Sanitized Actifresh has been supporting companies around the world with innovative ideas and products for the development of antimicrobial fabrics as well as for the protection of materials for a wide range of polymer forms, active ingredients […]

What determines the comfort and thickness of a protective gloves?

Where do the differences in prices and types of protective gloves come from? What makes one glove durable and the other glove not? We try to answer these questions in the film.

Cut resistant gloves

Cut protection gloves are a highly specialized type of hand protection. Let’s answer the question, what affects their quality and price. Let’s learn to recognize a good cut protection glove.