Differences in quality and prices of leather gloves

Differences in the quality and prices of leather gloves arise at the stage of decisions made during manufacturing. Where do they come from? There are many factors:

To soften the leather, many chemicals are added in the tanning process, mainly chromium acids and sulphates. High-quality chemicals are expensive, but the use of such raw materials guarantees that the products are safe for the skin of hands and stable quality.

For the health of users, all chemicals used in production should be washed away. It always happens here.

Manual grinding and pressing the leather softens it while increasing its strength. This is a very expensive and laborious process. That is why there are stiff gloves on the market that are hard to bend.

Gloves are a quickly marketable product with a relatively short life span. The repeatability and consistent quality are the most important in their production, so that each pair provides exactly the same hand protection.

Unfortunately, sometimes the split leather is divided into even thinner patches, cutting the leather patch into two or three ones. This significantly reduces the thickness of the leather and, as a result, reduces its quality and protective properties.