Sanitized Actifresh

What does the use of this technology in protective gloves give? What are the benefits for the user?

Sanitized Actifresh has been supporting companies around the world with innovative ideas and products for the development of antimicrobial fabrics as well as for the protection of materials for a wide range of polymer forms, active ingredients and surfaces for 80 years. It helps to produce anti-bacterial, anti-mold and dust mite products that contain active ingredients to destroy the material.

The objectives of the Sanitized Actifresh standard are:

•Optimized biocides against bacteria, yeast and fungi, spores and viruses

• Best material protection with minimal biocide use

• Surface protection

• Odor reduction

• Prevention of biofilms on many different surfaces

• Antimicrobial treatment for the food, transport and healthcare sectors

The health and safety industry is special. Hand protection during all-day work in various industries, both outdoors and indoors, is a challenge. The Sanitized Actifresh standard ensures effective hand protection against bacterial growth when working in work gloves. The integrated system of treating materials with appropriate substances creates a friendly work environment and adequate hygiene. It provides all-day protection and freshness. It also improves the durability and life of products due to the less frequent need to wash products.

The Sanitized Actifresh standard is safe for humans and the environment, gentle on the skin and dermatologically tested.

The production process of products in accordance with this standard is energy-saving and also reduces the amount of water used during the entire production cycle.