We distribute products of reliable manufacturers, who have been operating on the market for years.

We are the exclusive distributor of these brands in Poland. We believe in them fully when it comes about quality and delivery of products characterized by expected parameters. Each brand offers products for a different market segment. Our catalog includes both, products of the highest quality and economic class products. We encourage you to visit the manufacturers’ websites to get acquainted with their offers.


A brand having a long tradition, originating from Germany. Recently it celebrated its 45th anniversary. It operates successfully on several European markets, including the Polish market. How is it rated? High quality products, solutions developed over the years and repeatable quality of products. This is extremely important at the time when quality must face the trend of lower prices. RS does not compromise – products are supposed to be good, even if the price is slightly higher compared to competitors’ gloves. RS assumes that the quality is the key parameter when it comes about protective equipment and it is always advantageous compared to economic products that are not durable and must be replaced quickly. Gloves are fast-moving products – there is no reason to speed up the process by reduced quality. RS offers six product lines. Each of them is dedicated to a different working environment.


G-REX Glove Revolution is a British high-tech brand of protective gloves. Products based on innovative technologies assure full comfort at work and they adapt to the ergonomics of a hand. They are designed for specialized production lines, e.g. in the automotive industry, machine industry, plastics or electronic devices. Among the unique products under this brand you can find, among others, anti-slash gloves for the oily environment. Modern technologies of coating, inserts and glove finishing define the quality of G-REX products.

TK Gloves

A brand with Chinese capital, meeting needs of European markets. TK products are economic products, made of cheaper materials. They are successfully used in the general environment, installation and oiled environments. TK offers economical versions of welding gloves and surge protection gloves.

Bata Industrials

Bata footwear brand, recognizable on European markets, in the line of the industrial products – Industrials. It has been operating all over the world for nearly 50 years, offering high quality safety shoes. In Europe, the company has gained recognition of its clients for its iconic shoe collections: Workmates, Sportsmates, BS2000. Most of all, Bata Industrials is a continuous process of searching for innovative solutions that contribute to continuous growth of the safety, comfort, durability and quality of offered shoes.