Why are leather gloves still popular?

Why, despite the availability of high-tech materials, are leather gloves still very popular on the market? Here are the reasons.

  1. Universality – leather gloves can work in different environments.
  2. Flexibility and durability – leather products are really strong and durable.
  3. Vapour-permeability and moisture absorption – when working in a leather glove, you hand does not sweat and can breathe.
  4. Biodegradability – a leather glove decomposes quickly and completely without any negative impact on the environment.
  5. Anti-allergic – natural leather, unlike some synthetic substances, does not cause allergies.
  6. Partial waterproof – some leather gloves give the opportunity to work in a humid environment.
  7. Comfort and work ergonomics – the comfort of working in a leather glove is undeniable.


The properties of leather depend largely on its type. We have tow types: grain leather and split leather. Grain leather comes from the top layer of animal skin, while the split leather (sometimes called suede) is the deeper part of the skin.  

The features of these leathers are:

Split leather:
* has greater resistance to high temperature and abrasion
* it absorbs more water (not suitable for work in a humid environment)
* dusty

* is partially waterproof
* enables precise grip (gripping small objects)
* smooth skin, not dusty

Regardless of the type of leather used in production, it is important that the glove is made of as few elements as possible, because the thread is always weaker than the leather. This applies to all types of gloves. Therefore, skilful sewing (e.g. double stitching) and production quality are crucial for a satisfactory quality of the glove.